• Why Is It So hard To Love?
    We inherit our love patterns from our parents, from their personalities, and from our childhood, which is why these patterns feel so natural. We don't even know what our patterns are Read more
  • Why Do Couples Turn Off?
    Couples turn off because they start to feel more emotionally pushed away and shut down to each other. This often happens so gradually that partners tolerate it and they slowly become Read more
  • What If My Partner Won't Come In?
    My partner doesn't really want to come to therapy but I do! What can I do if my partner keeps making excuses or putting it off? You don't have to simply Read more
  • What If I Feel More Like a "Roommate"?
    Sometimes couples become stuck and feel turned off or lose interest and attraction! Do you have to push yourself to be intimate? Does your partner guilt or pressure you? When couples Read more
  • Does Your Life Feel Like a Treadmill?
    I feel like I live life on a treadmill! I can't just let go and just have fun anymore! I've become too serious and stressed. I feel constant pressure to do Read more
  • Do You Feel Controlled By Your Wife?
    Strong, confident women are attractive but you may be in a passive role! If you are too shut down and passive, don't meet her halfway you may have some relationship patterns Read more
  • Have you turned into his "Mother" and feel stuck?
    Do you feel frustrated having to nag, beg, scold, or threaten?  Do you have "heavy talks" but it only changes for a few weeks?  You are both stuck in codependency patterns! Read more

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