REMOTE OPTIONS USE MANY TOOLS, A WORKBOOK, AND HOMEWORK  to help clients grow and change unhealthy patterns that keep their relationship stuck.  Remote sessions are much more than a chat!  It's easier because you can relax at home and skip the hassle of a drive.  Bring crayons, paper and pen, and any homework from your last session.  We will be using many tools in the phone sessions that  will help you delve deeper into the real causes of your issues.  Have your paper ready to go! Talk therapy is a superficial chat or worse just "good advice" but when you use tools you will reach a much deeper awareness and increase your inner support system!  

A REDUCED FEE IS AVAILABLE FOR HARDSHIP CIRCUMSTANCES and instead of her usual and customary fee of $150.00, which reflects her 40 years of experience, Dr. Wheeler may reduce her fee to $100 to support clients in this difficult time.  However clients should always consider the experience and the quality of the therapy when choosing a therapist.  

* Fees will continue to reflect your circumstances and ability to pay and I offer referrals  as needed.


Dr Catherine Wheeler
Corona , Ca 92879