HIGHER LEVEL LOVE is a book by Dr. Wheeler which gives couples the tools to grow into a more heart-centered connection with their partner. Heart centered love will change the quality of your relationship!  It is so much more nourishing and emotionally intimate than the "everyday" love we have inherited from our parents. It takes some growth to love at a higher level but it's well worth the time and commitment to invest in love.  Love is an investment that always appreciates! 

HIGHER LEVEL LOVE a couples TOOLKIT is a couples toolkit designed specifically for couples at the counseling center to use with as a supplement to their couples therapy.

LETTING GO OF THE PAST is a personal growth toolkit designed for adult individual clients to use at the counseling center. Tools guide you on your growth path to more emotional freedom! 

Dr. Catherine Wheeler is the author of both TOOLKITS. They are available on 

Dr Catherine Wheeler
Corona , Ca 92879