TOOLS for COUPLES THERAPY will help you move forward and stop blaming, venting and feeling frustrated. Tools guide couples to grow into healthier patterns with each other. Couples start to make a real connection instead of staying on the surface which is distant and lonely. Why settle for distance and having a wall between you? Raise your relationship to a more heart-centered love by growing out of the patterns that keep you stuck. You and your partner will be able to use tools and make real changes.

  • We want to FEEL HEARD by each other
  • It ESCALATES and we just VENT & BLAME
  • We have too much of A WALL lately
  • We feel like ROOMMATES not LOVERS
  • We stay ON THE SURFACE too much
  • We need tools for MOODS & TRIGGERS
  • We're stuck being CONTROLLING-PASSIVE
  • We need healthier LOVE BOUNDARIES
  • We need to talk with a more ADULT VOICE

WHY IS LOVE SO HARD? We inherit our relationship patterns from our parents which is why they feel so natural.  But today we want a deeper and more connected relationship than our parents had. Outdated relationship patterns keep us from loving each other in healthy, mature, vibrant and nourishing ways. Instead of being open with each other we tend to live life "in our head" until we need to vent or complain. This isn't a connection that feels nourishing enough over time. Healthy relationship patterns are the key to feeling closer and more turned on to each other. As we grow out of our unhealthy patterns with each other we begin to feel more connected, nourished, and supported. Don't settle! Heart centered love is much more nourishing!

A COUPLES SESSION is a private hour for you and your partner to be able to open up at a deeper level and start to really connect. You will learn how to be more of a team, to support each other emotionally, to feel heard, to get your needs met without so much control and anger. Learn how to have a healthier relationship than you grew up around!  Tools will guide you both to grow out of your baggage!

PRACTICE TOGETHER USING TOOLS AT HOME and grow into being more heart-centered, open, connected and emotionally nourishing with each other. Couples receive tools, materials, and easy exercises that will help you raise your relationship to a higher level of love! This is not a group exercise and you have a full hour with your partner.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE to supplement your couples therapy if you want some for additional growth and support. 

Dr Catherine Wheeler
Corona , Ca 92879