Have you turned into his "Mother" and feel stuck?

Do you feel frustrated having to nag, beg, scold, or threaten?  Do you have "heavy talks" but it only changes for a few weeks?  You are both stuck in codependency patterns! The good news is you can grow out of it! Do you feel anxiety because you don't feel supported, aren't a team, and only get along when if you stay "on the surface".  Does he give excuses, empty promises, is good for two weeks, or lies and does what he wants? Do you feel like you have another "child"?  Do you feel stuck being controlling and bossy but don't want to be? If you don't control things, nothing gets done?  What's worse is it's turned you off sexually and now he's moody about that!  Don't settle! Call Dr. Wheeler to learn more about the tools and steps to stop feeling stuck!

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Dr Catherine Wheeler
Corona , Ca 92879