Do You Feel Controlled By Your Wife?

Strong, confident women are attractive but you may be in a passive role! If you are too shut down and passive, don't meet her halfway you may have some relationship patterns that are unhealthy. Do you tend to just give in and give up, let her have her way? You will both feel more distant as time goes by. This makes her irritated and frustrated and she may even have meltdowns and vent!  You will feel controlled and you can get stuck being too "pleasing"! You will resent being a "nice guy". In time a wall will develop. Is there any way out of this without a divorce? Yes!  Men can change their patterns and stop being passive and shut down.  She can stop feeling frustrated and learn how to be taken seriously. You both have 50% of the dynamic that keeps you stuck! Call Dr. Wheeler to learn more about these patterns and get the tools to stop feeling stuck!

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Dr Catherine Wheeler
Corona , Ca 92879