What If I Feel More Like a "Roommate"?

Sometimes couples become stuck and feel turned off or lose interest and attraction! Do you have to push yourself to be intimate? Does your partner guilt or pressure you? When couples meet they usually feel the chemistry, attraction, desire, and passion! This makes being close feel fun and exciting! As time goes on some relationships settle into being more like roommates than the lovers they once were. What often starts to happen is couples feel a slow but inevitable loss of desire. Couples tell themselves "this is natural", "it's what happens after a while", "marriage is like this", "no one feels passion after a while"...and other wrong-thinking beliefs to make them accept "settling". Love isn't about rationalizing and settling and you will both feel hungry for healthier love no matter what you talk yourself into!  Roommates are too distant and you are at risk! The good news is you can grow out of the patterns that turn you off! Call Dr. Wheeler to learn more about the tools and steps to stop feeling stuck!

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Dr Catherine Wheeler
Corona , Ca 92879