NEW LOCATIONS AND OPTIONS:  We now offer both phone sessions, zoom and face-time sessions, as well as in-person appointments.  Experienced, licensed therapists have agreed to reduce their fee to half-price due to the national pandemic! 

PHONE SESSIONS:  A phone session is much more than a chat!  It's easier because you can relax at home and skip the hassle of a drive.  Bring crayons , paper and pen, and any homework from your last session.  We will be using many tools in the phone sessions that  will help you delve deeper into the real causes of your issues.  Have your paper ready to go! Talk therapy is a superficial chat or worse just "good advice" but when you use tools you will reach a much deeper awareness and increase your inner support system! 

ZOOM or FACE-TIME SESSIONS:  Couples therapy with a twist!   Set your screen to zoom and your therapist is right there in your home.  You will be learning communication skills with tools, practicing with the adult voice to reduce triggers and blaming, using tools to make each other feel heard, and how to take down your walls!  Don't settle for roommates, learn how to create real connection and emotional nourishment.  You may even want to get the workbook called A COUPLES TOOLKIT.   Zoom sessions are also used for most individual sessions and it feels like you're right there!  Save the drive and the extra expense!  One big advantage is you aren't limited to "office hours" and scheduling can be more flexible for your needs. 

IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS: Appointments  must be scheduled ahead and are offered at several locations!  Your therapist will text you the location she works at.  In some cases office hours have a small additional fee so many clients and couples alternate with phone/zoom and in-person.  it's so convenient and cost effective! 

Dr Catherine Wheeler
Corona , Ca 92879