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Interracial Couple



We want to help during this difficult time!

A LOW FEE COUNSELING CENTER for COUPLES and INDIVIDUALS offers quality affordable therapy with faster results and deeper changes. Tools give you the steps to grow out of feeling stuck! Use tools to grow into heart-centered love, have a healthier lifestyle or reach your potential.  Don't settle!

COUPLES THERAPY uses tools for faster, deeper results with real changes. Tools give you the steps to feel heard, to become a better team, to stop escalating and fight fair, and to become emotional lovers and turn love back on! Today couples want to feel more connected and nourished with heart-centered love but need a direction and steps to grow into it. With all the expenses of modern day living we need therapy to be faster and more effective than just superficial "talk therapy". Tools will guide you out of the stalemate of feeling stuck. User-friendly tools will help you both show each other empathy, take more responsibility for change, nourish each other emotionally, and turn passion back on! You don't have to settle! Tools teach you how to manage your moods, change triggered reactions into real communication, take down your wall, improve your love boundaries and stop shutting each other out! We base our whole world on love so why not raise it to a higher level. Isn't love worth it?

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY offers clients tools for lifestyle changes and personal growth. Letting go of the past means growing out of the moods and triggers that interfere with adult love and healthier lifestyles. Use tools for anger release, to heal anxiety and depression, to deal with the underlying causes of addictions and compulsive issues. Tools are designed to give you impulse control so you aren't acting out anger triggers, feeling anxious so often, or staying stuck in negativity and depression. Use tools to grow out of addictions and self-medicating. The mental prison of compulsive issues don't need to hold you back from really enjoying life. Does unhealthy dependency cause you to feel needy yet push people away, stay isolated and closed off, or react to life from your childhood fears? You can heal your anxiety, depression, and anger issues so why let it define you? If you're single use tools to date healthier and start your next relationship off on the right path! Healthy individuals make healthy couples and families! Individual therapy sessions can make your couples therapy deeper too, and now it's affordable!  Don't settle for feeling stuck!  

Dr. Wheeler is the author of HIGHER LEVEL LOVE, a book that introduces couples to the path toward a more heart-centered love. There are two TOOLKITS used in both couples and individual therapy for faster and more effective changes.