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Interracial Couple



We all have that vision of heart-centered love somewhere back in the recess of our mind. We want to communicate with real depth, to "feel heard" and supported,  to be a team, to have a high level of emotional trust, and to feel like lovers, not roommates!  We yearn for love to make life richer, fuller, deeper. Couples want to grow into heart-centered love but need to learn the tools to stop feeling stuck! Tools are designed to help grow out of stale patterns and learn how to show emapthy, take responsibility, be a team, nourish each other, and turn passion back on! You don't have to settle! Tools help you manage your moods, change triggered reactions into real communication, take down your wall, improve your love boundaries and stop shutting each other down just to name a few! Do you feel controlled and stuck staying distant? "Talk therapy" is too slow and unfocused, good advice isn't enough! You need tools to make real changes that have depth and last!  Isn't love worth it?

Couples start their relationships with the wonderful promise of nurturing love but too often lack the tools to make this vision become real. Partners settle for feeling taken for granted, used, abused, and stuck. This is the lowest level of love. Many times relationships vacillate between too much drama and anger or feel bored and stale, lacking passion and fulfillment. Couples use tools to raise their relationship to a higher level of love with more nurturing, connection, and closeness. 

We want a much higher level of love than what our parents had!  To create a higher level of love we have to grow out of the unhealthy patterns that keep us stuck. The good news is we can do this much faster if we use tools to change our level of love. Every session you and your partner will be given tools to guide you to more healthy, open, supportive, and nurturing patterns with each other!  If your partner won't come at first, you can attend by yourself and make changes that will motivate a resistant partner to start to grow with you.

Individual men and women can also grow out of their problem moods, triggers, and the unhealthy dependency patterns that hold them back. Tools will help you gain insight and impulse control so you aren't acting out anger triggers, being too "needy", pushing people away, staying isolated and closed off, and reacting to life with anxiety or negativity. You can heal your anxiety, depression, and anger issues so why let it hold you back? We all need some practice to use tools and exercises as we grow into more satisfying and nurturing relationships. If you're single use tools to date healthy and start your next relationship off on the right path!


We don't have to be at risk for infidelity or becoming a divorce statistic. Looking outside our marriages isn't our only option any more, when we feel stuck and frustrated. It's too big a price for our families and  our children to pay. Tools give partners the steps to grow out of resentments, take down their walls, change negative, limiting attitudes, and stop feeling stuck. Tools are designed to help you set mature boundaries, stop being codependent, and expect more real emotional involvement from each other instead of tolerating distance, and going through the motions, feeling like roommates. We no longer have to confuse "neediness" with mature intimacy. We inherit unhealthy dependency patterns from our parents and bring them into our love relationships! As we use tools to begin to grow out of this "emotional  baggage" we can start to rekindle attraction and desire! When you feel heard, connected, and supported by each other passion is natural!

Dr. Wheeler has authored a series of books that can guide you and your partner in using tools to create a more heart-centered love. HIGHER LEVEL LOVE is a book that provides an introduction to the path toward heart-centered love. Couples can also use the accompanying COUPLES TOOLKITS which offers tools in user-friendly steps. Tools are in a format designed as a step-by-step guided program for couples to grow out of the patterns that keeps them stuck at lower levels. Lower level love isn't nourishing so it's important to recognize the signs. These are great tools to use with a couples therapist, who will guide you and your partner in making changes faster. Dr. Wheeler is a popular presenter who teaches personal growth tools in low fee groups and workshops.  

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