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Interracial Couple




Instead of just "talking about" problems, you learn specific tools designed to guide you in the personal growth out of the limiting patterns that keep your life stuck. Do you feel too "wound up" to relax? Do you "live in your head" and feel anxiety? Do you snap with triggered anger? Do you feel too passive or needy in your relationships? Tools for negative thinking, isolation, anxiety, anger, depression, and compulsive and addictive patterns offer you a way to grow out of common problems many people struggle with. Tools can be used to overcome the limitations that interfere with our capacity to feel inner peace and experience a deeper level of love. As we grow out of unhealthy patterns our energy improves and we feel free of "baggage" that can be an obstacle to having a satisfying life!

Treatment areas include:

  • depression and anxiety issues 
  • anger and triggers
  • letting go of fear
  • childhood wounds
  • self-esteem
  • sexual issues
  • letting people in
  • self-esteem issues
  • compulsive issues
  • addictions
  • unhealthy dependency
  • goals and dreams
  • self-sabotage
  • and more

Working in a warm, safe, comfortable and supportive atmosphere, clients can achieve the personal growth they’re striving for.