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Interracial Couple



Therapy should offer you a lot more than just "good advice", a lecture, or a place for venting and complaining!  That may feel good for the moment but then things go right back to the way they were because talk therapy lacks depth. A therapist should be more than a mediator for your fights! "Talk therapy" has no real direction and just listens to you both venting, complaining and blaming so you stay stuck! Your therapist should offer you the steps to make deeper changes, give you the tools to practice new patterns, and show you a real path to heart-centered love. Talk therapy doesn't do any of this because it is too superficial! Tools give your couples issues real depth and focus-you begin to understand the real underlying causes of how you're both stuck! 

Change your patterns, not your partner!  When you grow out of the patterns you grew up around, you can both begin to "feel heard", show each other some empathy, take your 50% of the responsibility and stop feeling stuck pointing the finger in anger. We give you the tools to do all of this. We guide you with tools and workbooks to learn healthier relationship patterns. This is the only real way to turn love back on! 

We offer a unique Tools Approach!  If you want some individual sessions to work on your anger triggers, recovery problems, or anxiety issues tools are designed for faster results! This will help your relationship improve and make you feel better! It's hard to be a nourishing partner when moods and triggers, venting, blaming keep you stuck. We invest so much in our marriage and family that it's worth growing to make it feel alive and vibrant again! Don't settle! Grow into a higher level love!