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Interracial Couple



LAYING A STRONG FOUNDATION FOR MARRIAGE helps couples feel closer and more prepared for their future together!  We build our whole life on our marriages: our home, our future children, our family life, even our community is built around our marriages so it makes sense to make the foundation a strong, solid one.

Couples who are planning marriage can meet privately with a warm, supportive therapist in a series of 6 easy steps to enrich their relationship and to work out common relationship problems. All relationships have some strengths and some weak areas that need growth.  No one has a perfect relationship because we are all on a journey of becoming more and more spiritual as we grow. In the premarital sessions you and your partner will be given a safe, warm space to grow together.  You will be given tools, homework, and other materials to help guide you toward a wonderful new beginning! 

  • What are our Relationship Strengths? What makes us a strong couple? 
  • What areas do we want to see Growth in? What areas do we want to Improve
  • Effective Communication Tools help you learn how to "Feel Heard"
  • Becoming a Team - working together with your finances and jobs stress
  • Sharing Chores and Responsibilities when you move together
  • Resolving Conflict - tools to resolve problems, not let them fester
  • Resentment, Triggers and Moods - this can cause a wall! Tools for healthy love
  • Romance and Intimacy is important in a marriage-tools to keep the spark alive! 

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