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Phone therapy is not a chat!  It's really a focused way to work on yourself! You can use therapy tools for improving your relationship issues, managing your moods, and growing out of feeling stuck! Phone sessions are focused and convenient and affordable. Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for your phone session and have paper, pen and even some crayons handy! You can  prepare for your therapy session by journaling about what you want to work on. This will help you have a focus and your session will have more depth! 

What issues can I focus on?  

  • I'm moody and irritable too often
  • I have anger issues
  • I'm too wound up to slow down
  • I can't "get out of my head"
  • I stay closed and shut down
  • I feel too needy with my partner
  • My partner is too controlling
  • I want healthier boundaries
  • I need help with an addiction

...and many other issues. Call for a free consultation to see if focused phone therapy might work for you! Sometimes it's too hard to arrange a sitter, make a drive, or fit into the office time slots.  A phone session is a good alternative.  

Only $60!