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RECOVERY from an unhealthy dependency on drugs or alcohol is an important growth step.  Drugs and alcohol dependency can range from mild to severe but will interfere with your relationships, cloud your thinking, and may cause you to suffer from arrested development. 

AN OUTPATIENT REHAB PROGRAM is a big step!  At the Higher Love Counseling Center we offer an alternative to inpatient rehab for a few weeks or a month.  Sometimes it is too costly, disrupts work and family, and isn't long term enough to really provide the support you need for a lifestyle change!  Even if you aren't ready yet you can attend sessions to prepare. 

READINESS FOR RECOVERY is important in building a strong foundation for a successful outcome. In some cases we have your support system, such as your partner or family, attend with you once or twice. If you don't have any support we work with you to provide it. We know motivation is essential and we may postpone starting the rehab program to help you take the steps to ensure success!  Call and find out more!