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Interracial Couple




We want to help during this difficult time!

Office visits with social distancing are available to help you through this difficult time.  We are offering both couples therapy and individual therapy in the office at a reduced fee. We ask that clients come at their appointed hour to avoid gathering in the waiting room. The door is clocked but will be opened at your appointed hour. Please wait at the door and we will be happy to help you. We are essential services providers and we want to "be there" for you. 

What are some issues I can focus on in INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENT?  

  • I'm moody and irritable too often
  • I have anger issues
  • I'm too wound up to slow down
  • I can't "get out of my head"
  • I stay closed and shut down
  • I feel too needy with my partner
  • My partner is too controlling
  • I want healthier boundaries
  • I need help with an addiction
  • I am feeling negative and depressed

What are some issues we can focus on in our COUPLES APPOINTMENT?  

  • We want to "feel heard" by each other
  • We want to be a team and meet "in the middle"
  • We have too much of a wall lately
  • One of us is stuck and frustrated
  • We are closed and shut down
  • I feel too needy with my partner
  • My partner is too controlling
  • We need healthier boundaries
  • We need to talk with the Adult Voice tool

Phone therapy allows both couples and individuals to continue their therapy progress and to stay "safer at home", if they prefer. If you are feeling tired or may be starting to feel sick have a phone session instead of pushing yourself or exposing others. If you need to cancel within the 48 hour policy we understand and will offer you a "make-up" phone session at a convenient time during the week, including Sat and Sun as time permits. 

Phone sessions are professional, therapeutic, convenient and affordable! Couples can use conferencing and split screen technologies for couples sessions. Individuals can Skype or use other convenient apps for therapy in the comfort of home! Schedule with your therapist and arrange the technology, time, and a comfortable place when you can concentrate and reflect. Our phone sessions are just as important as therapeutic office visits-we open your chart-take professional notes-use tools-and support your growth! Phone therapy is not just a chat! 

What's involved in a phone session? It's really a focused way to work on yourself or on your relationship! You can use therapy tools for improving relationship issues, managing your moods, and growing out of feeling stuck! Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for your phone session and have paper, pen and even some crayons handy! You can  prepare for your therapy session by journaling about what you want to work on. This will help you have a focus and your session will have more depth! 

Call for a free consultation to see if either an office visit or a phone appt. might work for you! 

Beware of the online scams that are popping up where you can't ever come in and meet your therapist.