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Interracial Couple


What if my partner won't come to therapy?

What can you do if you want to work on these issues but your partner keeps making excuses or putting it off? Don't give in because then nothing will change! Distance festers and actually gets worse over time. Too many couples wait until something tragic happens and sometimes it's too late! You don't have to settle! 

Couples Therapy with Just One Partner!

You can do couples therapy with one partner and it's a good idea if your partner is stubborn or resistant! By coming in alone at first you will have a good opportunity to give your therapist a wealth of background and history which will make couples growth more effective. In many cases your partner will begin to feel uncomfortable and will want to know what's going on...you simply invite your partner to the next appointment!

How Can I Make Changes By Myself?

Couples often become locked in complicated couples dynamics and they can stay stuck for years. "Talk therapy" is too slow and unfocused, because you don't identify the underlying dynamics that cause the problem. Just one motivated and insightful partner can begin to go home and share patterns, tools, materials and the workbooks. It's even more powerful if you change your 50% of the responsibility for the emotional walls, the triggers, the lack of desire. If just one partner changes then the whole dynamic will stop being stuck! One partner can actually do couples therapy!!!! (and in about 98% of the cases he/she will join you in a few weeks). Don't wait until it gets even more distant! Make a healthy choice and come in by yourself to get the process started!