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Interracial Couple


Dr. Catherine Wheeler is a psychotherapist in Corona Ca who specializes in tools for couples and individual issues. Dr. Wheeler offers the community lower fee groups and workshops. She is the director of the Higher Love Counseling Center which provides affordable lower fee tools for relationship and personal growth.

With 35 years experience as a clinician and a doctorate degree in counseling psychology Dr. Wheeler brings many years of experience and specialized training in couples work, groups, workshops, and individual therapy.  Dr. Wheeler incorporates a blend of conventional and alternatives approaches, drawing upon a variety of styles and techniques. She is a popular presenter and seminar-workshop leader. Dr. Wheeler has authored a book, Higher Level Love that gives couples tools for a more heart-centered relationship. The book is accompanied by  two Toolkits for partners to use together at home or with their therapist.  




Hello. My name is Mary and  I am a licensed and experienced Marriage and Family Therapist. I teach both couples and individuals tools for successful relationships and a more fulfilling life! I have worked as a mental health associate for over 25 years, beginning my journey in residential treatment centers. I have worked extensively with trauma victims and utilize EMDR as one of my tools. I have found EMDR to be effective for some of the more difficult traumas such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, adult children of alcoholics, and people who were molested or grew up around violence. I excel with children, adolescents and women's issues. I have a background working with adolescent substance abusers and their families. I am also able to offer Christian counseling if desired.

Welcome! I'm Bill. My background is quite varied and includes non-profit, both psychiatric in-patient, and  out-patient, substance abuse treatment, and private practice settings. I have worked with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, multi-substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and mood disorders.  My passion has always been helping couples have relationships that achieve their highest possible level of closeness! I am a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran, trained and experienced in the unique relational stressors faced by military veterans. I have been an Orange County Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the family court and child welfare system.  I am excited to bring my extensive background to the Higher Love Counseling Center and help my clients use tools for personal and relationship growth. 



Welcome to Higher Love Counseling Center.  I am Cristina and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. I support clients in growing out of the issues that cause depression, anxiety and anger. Sometimes people have such discomfort with anxiety and anger that they rely on addictions just to cope, sleep or relax. As we grow and mature these limiting ways of coping interfere with healthy lifestyles. I am also very interested in helping both couples and individuals learn to use tools for successful relationships. My background is in both cognitive-behavioral and supportive therapies. Couples often feel stuck in relationship patterns that keep them from feeling nourished. Individuals feel stuck in childhood beliefs that become self-defining. I help people grow out of the limitations that are keeping them stuck and frustrated.