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Interracial Couple




Couples today want more results than "talk therapy" can provide. Just showing up with complaints, blaming, and venting doesn't really move you forward. Tools guide couples to grow into new, healthier patterns with each other. Couples start to make a real connection instead of "staying on the surface", which is distant and frustrating. Why settle for the distance and emotional abuse of a lower level of love? Raise your relationship to a more heart-centered love by growing out of the patterns that keep you stuck.

You and your partner will be able to use tools to...

  • identify the patterns that keep you stuck
  • remove your "walls" of distance
  • begin to "hear" each other
  • use tools to move out of "blaming"
  • become more of a team again
  • use tools to improve your "emotional trust"
  • become more nourishing and supportive
  • use tools to stop being triggered
  • stop venting, complaining and criticizing
  • stop immature sexual demands (they don't work)
  • improve your sexual connection together
  • start to date like "lovers" again
  • stop being too compulsive for love
  • "get out of your head" (and into your heart)
  • use tools for anxiety, anger, abusive patterns
  • stop being controlling and demanding
  • and more    

Higher Level Love offers couples a Toolkit that has the steps they need to grow out of staying stuck at a lower level love! The anger, loss of desire, distance and unfulfilled feelings that a lower level of love causes can be changed! Talk therapy won't give you a real direction or teach you the steps to move forward. The Toolkit has two main sections called STOP FEELING STUCK and TURN LOVE BACK ON. Your therapist will make these and many other tools available to you in easy, user-friendly steps. Grow out of emotional distance, being roommates, or feeling abused. Don't change partners-change your level of love!

only $60!