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Interracial Couple



The Higher Love Counseling Center offers affordable and quality therapy foe both couples and individual therapy! We have added evenings and Saturdays hours plus phone therapy to fit your schedule. Both couples and individuals benefit from using tools in personal growth to move forward and stop staying stuck! 

Low Fee Couples Therapy gives you both specific tools-exercises-guided materials so you don't have to settle for feeling unfulfilled as "roommates" or at risk with too much drama, tension, or a wall!  Our staff is specifically trained to use guided tools, not just "talk" therapy, to help you get faster results! The counseling center offers many services that can help you improve your relationship patterns, manage moods and triggers, heal infidelity, deal with recovery issues, and raise your relationship to a higher level of love!

Low Fee Individual Therapy offers clients tools to grow out of staying stuck in anger, fear, addictions, and other limitations that keep you from reaching your potential, feeling peace, and having a more nourishing lifestyle! Why settle? Today we have a program to help you grow and  make your whole life work better!

Low Fee Options are for both individual and couples sessions for an hour with a therapist who is specifically trained to use tools to help you. In most cases PPO insurance will reimburse on a monthly basis.  Change is worth an investment!


  • change your patterns
  • communication tools
  • take down your wall
  • stop being roommates
  • desire & attraction
  • manage your moods
  • tools for triggers
  • trust & jealousy
  • blaming & venting
  • control issues
  • passive-shut down
  • unhealthy dependency
  • be a better team


  • tools for anger triggers
  • anxiety, depression
  • recovery & addictions
  • sexuality problems
  • stop feeling stressed
  • insecurity & jealousy
  • controlling patterns
  • compulsive issues
  • guarded, closed
  • feeling needy or used
  • negative thinking
  • no goals or dreams
  • social anxiety

Don't Settle for Feeling Stuck!