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Why Do Couples Lose Passion and Desire? Roommates are at risk!

When couples meet they usually feel chemistry, attraction, desire and passion! As time goes on many relationships settle into being more like roommates than the lovers they once were. It is very sad for our families that we don't have any training in how to sustain these wonderful feelings of intimacy, passion and closeness. Instead what often starts to happen is couples feel a slow but inevitable loss of desire. Couples tell themselves "this is natural", "it's what happens after awhile", "marriage is like this", "no one feels passion after awhile"...and other wrong-thinking beliefs to make them accept "settling". Love isn't about rationalizing and settling and you will both feel hungry for healthier love no matter what you talk yourself into!  Roommates are too distant and you are at risk! The good news is you can grow out of the patterns that turn you off! Call Dr. Wheeler to learn more about the tools and steps to stop feeling stuck!


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I Feel Overwhelmed and Stressed too much! I don't have fun anymore!

I feel like I can't let go and just have fun anymore! I live life on a treadmill! I've become too serious and stressed. I work and have kids and I tell myself this is just how life is! What's worse is my partner feels stressed too, from the freeway, from money pressures, to just trying to find time. I rarely have "me time" and even when I do I worry about what I should be doing, so it isn't much of a break!  Sometimes I need a drink or meds to get through the day. I am not really enjoying my life, my kids, or my partner and then I get up and do it all over again! The treadmill never stops. I've lost my desire and my partner is becoming irritated!  Is life supposed to feel like this? Is this all there is? Not only that, it seems to be getting worse over time. Call Dr. Wheeler to learn more about the tools and steps to stop feeling stuck!


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I feel Controlled by my Wife! I just shut down! I'm too passive!

I'm attracted to strong women and I like feisty but her control is driving me crazy!  She doesn't see her part in our issues and she blames it all on me. I just give in and give up. I let her have her way.  Nothing else works anyway, but I feel more and more distance as time goes by. This makes her even more irritated and she has meltdowns and vents!  I love her but I can't get close to her. I feel controlled and my friends think I am "whipped"!  I certainly can't talk about our issues with her. It goes nowhere. I resent it but I am a "nice guy" so I try to please and let it all go. It seems to be getting worse.  Is there any way out of this without a divorce? Men can grow and stop being passive and shut down.  Her control and frustration is only 50% of the dynamic that keeps you both stuck! Call Dr. Wheeler to learn more about these patterns and get the tools to stop feeling stuck!

I Have Turned into "His Mother"! He just makes excuses!

I have to nag, beg, scold, threaten and have meltdowns or just give up. I feel triggered and have a lot of anxiety because I don't feel supported, we aren't on the same team, and we only get along when if we stay "on the surface".  He gives me excuses, empty promises, is good for two weeks, or he lies and does what he wants. I feel like I have another "child".  It's true I am controlling and bossy but I don't want to be. If I don't control things, nothing gets done!  What's worse is I have turned off sexually because of all this...now he's moody about that!  I don't want a divorce but I am frustrated! Call Dr. Wheeler to learn more about the tools and steps to stop feeling stuck!

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