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Interracial Couple


HIGHER LEVEL LOVE is a book that offers both couples and singles a step by step, easy, user-friendly format to raise their relationship to a more heart-centered love. Growing out of patterns that keep love stuck is important to most of us! We all want to a level of love that has relationship patterns that causes us to "feel heard", to take down our walls of distance, to bring back desire and nourishment. When we use tools we begin to approach love from the highest-functioning part of our personality instead of wth wounded, immature or needy part of us (our baggage).  We become so much more attractive and inviting when we use tools and shift out of our wounds! TOOLS give you steps to grow into a more heart-centered love.  We base our whole lives on love, it's the main source of our nourishment, and our future depends on the level of love we share with our partner.  Isn't it worth some growth?  A higher level of love is that heart-centered connection with a partner that will change the quality of your life!

Dr. Catherine Wheeler is the author of a series of books HIGHER LEVEL LOVE: tools for heart-centered love*. She is available to present workshops and seminars to your group or organization. Dr. Wheeler also provides training workshops to demonstrate how therapists can use tools with their clients.   
*Her books are available on amazon.com.