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A TRAINING CENTER for associate therapists who are specifically interested in growing into their own thriving private practice.  A successful private practice requires a background in both the business end of therapy and in practical clinical skills that actually work. Associate therapists earn their BBS hours with free supervision and are paid well for direct individual and couples counseling while trained in the areas listed below. 
record keeping
                                     client boundaries                                     
difficult clients
finding a niche
marketing essentials
court referrals
cancellation policy
growing your practice
groups and workshops
private pay 
couples therapy-communication tools
conflict resolution-fighting fair tools
art therapy for anxiety-depression
anger issues-triggers-buried feelings
visualization-guided imagery
Gestalt therapy exercises
Adult-Child tools for couples
Codependency-Boundaries tools
Recovery-Outpatient tools 
Unhealthy Dependency tools
Associate therapists will be mentored in this hands-on training center, given tools and materials, and guided to become successful in private practice. Apply for an opening by calling Dr. Wheeler who has been in a private pay practice for 40 years without relying on the safety net of insurance panels!  And you can too! 
Higher Love Counseling Center is also a career opportunity for long-term partnership for independent and serious minded interns who might want to grow into leadership roles at HLCC. Dr. Wheeler is looking for future supervisors, speakers and presenters, and a business partner in the future.