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Buried anger and anxiety from the past is stored inside and it keeps you wound up. This is the root cause of many relationship problems as well as addictions and compulsive issues. Stored anger and anxiety makes you feel easily triggered, you snap or get moody, you can be tense or overwhelmed too often, have sleeping issues, feel pressure to stay busy, you can't let go and relax, and it makes you prone to addictions and compulsivity. Talk therapy can't reach the root of the problem. Good advice doesn't work!  You need tools to get you "out of your head" so you can release these buried feelings and heal! 

Buried anger and anxiety needs to be released for healing to be effective.  Good advice, ignoring it, talking yourself out of your feelings, rationalizing it away just keeps it buried. As you age you will become more tense and wound up, even have cycles of depression.  Tools are more effective in the healing process. 

Tools for buried feelings help you to become connected to feelings that are the root cause of so many problems. These feelings have to be released in order for you to feel "lighter" and less wound up inside.  Buried feelings are a burden that keep us from the peace and joy that is our potential! Tools will help you let go of the past! 


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